Workshop Research School Political History

Working in an international academic community
Date: 23-24 February 2024, Location: Antwerp
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As a professional historian, presenting your research at national and international fora, both in print and at conferences, is an important part of your work. Some of you may already have gained some experience with it. The next level is to organize (international) seminars or edited volumes yourself. This two-day Workshop in the international environment of Antwerp University is meant to upscale your ability to work in an international academic community.

Academics with an established network will share with you what they see as best practices and pitfalls. Together with PhD candidates from the RSPH program and colleagues from the University of Antwerp you will discuss the future of (open access) publishing, the practice and added value of conferencing in the digital age, and more. This Workshop will result in a proposal for a conference panel for the next conference of the Association for Political History in Antwerp. The proposal you will prepare is co-created with one or two fellow PhD candidates.

This workshop is module 5 in the basic training program of the Research School Political History.

Further information: OPG Workshop Internationalisation Antwerpen 23-24 february 2024.