Research masters

The RSPH offers the following training activities to Research Master Students:
RMA 2021 Training program Research School Political History.

Research Master students who would like to apply at the RSPH are requested to send an e-mail to Annejet Landman (

To Research Master Students, admitted to one of the research master programs in History of the associated universities, the RSPH offers training in the following competencies:

  • Knowledge and reflection
  • Skills

Knowledge of current debates, theories, historiography and methodologies in political history and adjacent fields of research.

Reflection on the position and characteristics of political history in interdisciplinary research cooperation.

Oral and written reporting and participation in academic, political and public debates.

Skills in the use of heuristic tools and techniques as well as digital humanities.

For an overview of previous training programmes, please visit the following page: rMA Training Programmes Archive.