About the RSPH

TheĀ Research School Political History is a research network of political historians in the Netherlands and Flanders, aimed at promoting the quality of research and (inter)national cooperation. Besides that, the Research School provides high quality training for PhD students and Research Masters in political history.
De RSPH (founded June 27, 2011) is successor to the networks Ponteg and Netwerk Politieke Geschiedenis (Network Political History 2006-2011). The RSPH was awarded a start-up grant in 2011 to develop the school over the upcoming five years into an authoritative consortium that covers the whole field of political history. This includes political history of early-modern, modern en contemporary history, general history, national or Dutch history, European studies, history of international relations and organizations, (post) colonial history and military history.
Founding universities of the RSPH are the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Leiden University, Radboud University of Nijmegen, University of Groningen, University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, VU University Amsterdam.

TheĀ  institution in charge of the Research School is the Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands, an institute of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences. (www.huygens.knaw.nl).

The Research School Political History respects your privacy. We work according to the privacy policy of the KNAW: https://www.knaw.nl/nl/de-knaw/privacyverklaring-knaw. For questions and complaints contact privacy@bb.huc.knaw.nl.

Download our latest Jaarverslag 2021 OPG voor website for more information. Visit ‘Documents’ for our previous annual reports.