Conference: Setting the norm? Corruption and anticorruption in the late-colonial and post-independence period

Corruption is often understood as a form of misuse of public power and resources for private gain. Both past and contemporary issues of corruption have been linked to the history of colonial state formation as well as postcolonial developments. Despite some exploratory studies, the historical impact of colonial and postcolonial dynamics on (changing) understandings of more »

IFRWH Conference 2024 | Reflections on Major Issues in Women’s History

International Federation for Research in Women's History Conference 2024, 7-10 August 2024, Tokyo, Japan. Reflections on Major Issues in Women’s History: Gender equality, gender division of labor, political participation, sexuality, family, and society The second decade of the twenty-first century has seen major upheavals that have threatened to reverse much of the progress made in more »