Oral history by Selma Leydesdorff

The RSPH offers an additional  two day class oral history and life stories with prof Selma Leydesdorff on January 14 and 21 (2021). Please mail you motivation before 19 December to margit.van.der.steen@huygens.knaw.nl. 
Please see the complete programme oral history 2021

Course Supervisor: prof. dr. Selma Leydesdorff
Dates: 14 and 21 January 2020 all day
Digital event, via Zoom
Candidates: PhD candidates and advanced RMa students
Credits: 2 ECTS, with paper 5-6 ECTS
Registration: Before 19 December 2020 (bureau@onderzoekschoolpolitiekegeschiedenis.nl) Students and PhD candidates willing to participate have to write a motivation letter of one page before 19 December 2020 to margit.van.der.steen@huygens.knaw.nl

Fee (non members): 250 euro

The course
Historians and others who interview about the past often talk about memory and how they are informed by memory, while they know memory is a difficult and problematic source for historical knowledge. During this course, we shall concentrate on the use of memory in historical research and look at the kind of knowledge we get when we interview. We will investigate various efforts to create a more systematic and theoretically grounded approach than ‘just talking about days long gone’ or ‘having a chat about the past’. How can we create a research pattern that overcomes the incidental and replace it by an integration of the changing character of spoken narratives about the past? When can we trust a story, why? And if we cannot, why can it still be important to listen. In addition, how do we listen?

programme oral history 2021