New PhD candidates

A warm welcome to the fourteen new PhD candidates who started their training with the RSPH this academic year. Read more about the research of Catharine Aretakis, Laura Brinkhorst, Adam Dargiewicz, Ivo van Donselaar, Thomas van Gaalen, Doris Hagedoorn, Mohammad Kanfash, Paul Krijnen, Lola van der Made, Benhilda Mlambo, Simon van Oort, Daan Sanders, Daan Speetjens and Eveliene Veen. Eveliene wrote a report about the first module for PhD’s: ‘State of the Art in Political History’. You can read it here.

Catharine AretakisUUCalculated Choices: Local political actors and the Holocaust in the Netherlands (1925-1950).
Laura BrinkhorstRU‘To protect and serve’. Police adaptation to changing societal and governmental expectations in the Netherlands, 1930s 1980s.
Adam DargiewiczWilhelms- Universität MünsterMapping “Bulwark(s) of Europe”: Polish, German and British Visions of Imagined Borderlands (1815-1871).
Ivo van DonselaarWilhelms- Universität MünsterPangermanismus in den Niederlanden. Eine Langzeitbetrachtung des pangermanischen Denkens und der germanischen ldentitätsbildung in den Niederlanden zwischen 1890 und 1945.
Thomas van GaalenRUBreaking borders. Transatlantic struggles over international solidarity, 1889–1939
Doris HagedoornUUNineteenth-Century War-as-Entertainment Culture.
Mohammad KanfashUUThe micropolitics of authoritarian resilience in post-war settings. The case of state return to Erbeen and Douma in Eastern Ghouta in the countryside of Damascus, Syria.
Paul KrijnenRUGt.b.a.
Lola van der MadeUUThe Ties of Tradition: local socio-cultural patterns and the Holocaust in the Netherlands (1925-1950).
BenHilda MlamboExtern (RUGCounteracting Eco-Erasure and Policy Paradox: An Historical Analysis of and Barotse and Mthwakazi Secessionist Movements from 1950 to 2020 in the Context of Climate Emergency and Peace Park implementation.
Simon van OortExternEene mislukte copie naar Engelsch model?’ De rol van de Britse constitutie in de geschiedenis van het Nederlandse politieke staatsrecht tussen 1812 en 1983.
Daan SandersExtern (UU)Influencing deterrence: the role of the armed forces in the Netherlands’ Cold War deterrence policies (1954-1991) (provisional).
Daan SpeetjensUvA/NLDASocial contracts and Security and Defense Policy: a comparative study of state’s policy responses to changing security environments.
Eveliene VeenWilhelms- Universität MünsterLeft-wing political violence and the terrorist constituency in West-Germany 1969 – 1979.