Seminar The Cultural Cold War: The Low Countries in a Global Network

Organized by Frank Keizer and Laurens Ham, NWO Open Competition XSproject The Secret Life of Writers: Dutch Intelligence Agencies and the Literary World during the Cold War Tuesday 23 April 2024, 13.15-17.00 Utrecht University, Janskerkhof 2-3, room 0.19 This symposium aimsto shed light on the formation of global cultural and intellectual cultural networks during the more »

IFRWH Conference 2024 | Reflections on Major Issues in Women’s History

International Federation for Research in Women's History Conference 2024, 7-10 August 2024, Tokyo, Japan. Reflections on Major Issues in Women’s History: Gender equality, gender division of labor, political participation, sexuality, family, and society The second decade of the twenty-first century has seen major upheavals that have threatened to reverse much of the progress made in more »