Beroepsperspectieven promovendi politieke geschiedenis

What to do with your working life after graduation? In de Career Day voor promovendi werd hier uitgebreid bij stil gestaan. Deze bijeenkomst werd georganiseerd door de OPG in samenwerking met de onderzoekscholen Posthumus en Huizinga. Dr. Suze Zijlstra geeft advies.

What to do with your working life after graduation?

Veertien tips van dr. Suze Zijlstra:

  • Explore options – try new things, find out what works for you
  • Let people know if you are looking for a new position (inside and outside academia)
  • Apply to things (sometimes even when you don’t stand a chance)
  • Don’t apply to all things
  • Establish an online presence
  • Volunteering work can help you expand your network
  • Establish your own limits (as far as possible): personally, practically
  • Make choices – (learn to) say no
  • It will not always go as you hope or expect – that is not necessarily a bad thing
  • Find out what helps you relax, be kind to yourself
  • Spend time with family and friends (if you can)
  • Call in sick when you are sick, take your holidays
  • Ask for help
  • Try to do things that you find enjoyable and give you energy