Opening of the Academic Year

First announcement – Opening of the Academic Year Research School Political History

Amsterdam, 20 September 2018 16.00 – 18.00 hrs.

Debate on cooperation between political historians and political scientists, with Liesbeth van der Grift, Ido de Haan, Maartje Janse and Wim van Meurs.

In his recent inaugural lecture, professor of European political history Wim van Meurs (Radboud University Nijmegen) argued that political historians and political scientist might both benefit from a closer interaction. Political scientist could profit from the historian’s craft of contextualization and historiography as ways to position their own work in time. Historians should become more aware of the public relevance and comparative perspective in the study of politics which political scientist have to offer.

In this meeting, opening the new academic year of the national research school for political history OPG, we will discuss these themes with Wim van Meurs and scholars who work on the fault line of the history and science of politics. Dr. Maartje Janse (Leyden University) has substantially broadened our understanding of political organization in the 19th century beyond the reduction of these phenomena in political science as precursor of political parties. Dr Liesbeth van de Grift (Utrecht University) has contributed to the comparative study of the security services, internal colonization and consumer representation from a historical perspective. The debate will be chaired by OPG academic director prof. dr. Ido de Haan (Utrecht University).