Cancellation International Seminar 29 May

Unfortunately, the International Seminar on 29 May 2019, will not take place.


Promotie Daniel Stinsky

Op 17 mei is Daniel Stinsky (Maastricht University) gepromoveerd op de dissertatie:“Sysiphus’ Palace. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe 1947-60”

Latest Issue News letter OPG/RSPH

Newsletter May 2019

Call for papers: Rampzalig Nederland

De omgang met rampen in Nederland, 1780-1940
Congres Werkgroep ‘De Moderne Tijd’, Doelenzaal Universiteit van Amsterdam, vrijdag 13 december 2019




Summer school OPG 2019

Registration is closed

New European Political History
Nijmegen and Brussels 24 – 28 June 2019
Preliminary programme and assignments

Master class Maartje Abbenhuis (University of Auckland)

Diplomacy at war and peace: Workshopping approaches to the history of international politics after 1815’

Beginning with a review of Maartje Abbenhuis’ own work on neutrality, internationalism and The Hague conferences, this masterclass investigates the ways in which historians construct the history of international politics, the sources they use, the lenses of interpretation they prioritise and the methodologies they apply.


Updated Training program OPG 2018-2019

Training program OPG 2018-2019

Seminar New Horizons in Military History Research

Date: Wednesday 27 February 2019, 9.30 – 18.00 hrs.
Location:  Amsterdam University Library, Singel 425, Doelenzaal.

Over the past decades, military history has developed into a field covering a wide variety of topics, theories and methodologies. Moving beyond ‘traditional’ operational military history (more…)